Airbag in barn?

We are investigating different ways to use our old barn.

Now it's used to store motorhomes and cars during winter.

The north end of the barn has a large floor and very high ceeling.
We think that this maybe is ideal for an airbag attraktion.

Here are some pictures & measurements.
Wich airbag is most suitable?

We will send links to this page to different Airbag manufacturers.
Do you have an Airbag perfect for us?

We want to make use of the space and make it as safe as possible.

The airbag (blue) can be 12m wide, the length can be up to 20m.
What is the best size?

Here are some ideas:

It's possible to build a stair to the highest point (red).

It's possible to jump from second floor (yelow).

It's possible to jump with bicycle from big jump on first floor (purple).

It's possible to build a climbing wall (green).

It's possible to have swinging ropes (orange).

It is also possible to do things outside, more ideas on that later.
We wonder if a special airbag must be used if skiis & snowboard will be used?

Links to suppliers:

Ultimate Inflatable (alibaba)

Guangzhou Yinhe Inflatable Products Co., Ltd. (alibaba)


Youtube clips:



Example pitures: