Källarvinden was a magazine for the local gardener and at the same time worked as the ceiling to the underlying root cellar.
The name "Källar-vinden" means cellar-attic. Today the attic is a modern conference room while the cellar is
converted into a party place with open fire & a bar.

Because you have shosen the English version I assume you want to use the house as accomodation.
If you want to use it as something else you should read the swedish version or give us a call.
The house is designed too fulfill as many purposes as possible including temporary accomodation.
It only consist of one big room, kitchen & bathroom + cellar. Look at the pictures, what you see is what you get.

Functions available:
Kitchen: 2 microwaves, koffeemachine, double stove, 2 half fridges, 1 half freezer, dishwasher, plates, glasses, muggs.
Bathroom: 1 toilett & 1 shower.
Electronics: data/film projector, whiteboard, stationary computer, broadband 3,6 Mbit/s wire/wireless accesspoints, PA-soundsystem.
Outside: Grill, large lawn for tents,carravans and games, access to wood heated sauna & wooden bathtub by lake Nömmen.
you can rent boats & canoes,

With car: map, Taxi/buss: Stensjöns buss. Train: go to Stensjön or Björköby & we pick you up. Buss: nr 343, stop at Rödjenäs Gård.

See the kalendar when it's available

Källarvinden outside

It's painted now :-).

Källarvinden inside

Meeting konference



The dungeon (cellar)


Toilet & shower.

Bäddsofas & Full HD projektor 1920 x 1080.

3,2m widescreen

Housecomputer with movies & games

Quad processor, 8GB mem, 2 graphic cards, 2 x HDD in raid, reads & burns all formats: DVD, bluray, HD DVD.

From the building: